Dental Clear Glass slabs are available for dental porcelain mixing, ideal for stacking porcelain on full arches.

Our Large Dental Layering Clear Glass Plate is a must-have for dental laboratories seeking a high-quality surface for precision work.
Durable and easy to clean.
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Screw-Retained High Polished Sub-Gingival Keychain

The Zirconia Screw-Retained Keychain is a durable and stylish accessory for dental professionals.
Made with high-quality zirconia, it securely holds keys in place.

Implant System: Keystone
Screw-Driver not included
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Achieve a sparkling finish with PINK DVA ZIRCON-BRITE Polishing Paste.
This professional-grade formula is perfect for dental laboratories, leaving zirconia restorations looking flawless.

Eliminates re-glazing forever!

The Ultimate Polish for Porcelain, Composite & Zirconia!

All Cad/Cam Restorations
Layered Porcelain
All layered dental structure material
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Stain & Glaze Dental Clear glass slab designed specifically for dental stain and glaze mixing on full arches.

Our Stain & Glaze Clear Glass Plate is perfect for dental laboratories.
This plate allows for easy handling and precise staining and glazing of dental restorations.
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