We are committed to delivering zirconia restorations of exceptional quality. Our focus on precision, esthetics, and tissue adhesion sets us apart as a reliable partner in your restorative cases.
We invite you to explore the possibilities of working with our dedicated team. Whether you require single-unit crowns, bridges, or other zirconia restorations, we are well-equipped to meet your specific needs.

We follow Doctor Linkevicius's recommendation for polishing Zirconia for excellent tissue adhesion.

We design, mill, and finish.
Submission portal via 3Shape, Sirona Connect ITERO ID: 67478
File format must be STL from desktop and/or intraoral scanner.
Submission Portal: We provide a seamless and convenient submission portal via 3Shape, Sirona Connect, and ITERO ID: 67478.
This allows for easy transfer of digital files, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration between your practice and our laboratory.
Models need to be poured, trimmed, pinned and articulated.
Upper, lower, and bite registrations need to be included.
Models should be labeled.
Models should be completely dry prior to packing, to avoid distortion.
Implant cases: We offer parts from the MIST implant components product line.
Do not forget to send soft tissue.
The RX must match the model.
Finalized Hybrid Full Arch Solution

I am delighted to introduce our services as a trusted outsourcing partner, specializing in delivering the highest-level Gingival Porcelain esthetic results. Our goal is to provide resolutions that satisfy both patients and clinicians, elevating the overall quality of dental restorations.

Finishing: We understand the critical role of proper finishing techniques in achieving optimal tissue adhesion.

Following Dr. Linkevicius's recommendations, we meticulously polish zirconia restorations to enhance surface smoothness and promote excellent soft tissue response. This meticulous finishing process enhances the overall esthetics and longevity of the restorations.
PINK DENTAL Ceramists Fee:

Zirconia All-on-X: $1,900.00 Per Arch

With this service, the customer provides a sintered zirconia frame-structure and a titanium sleeve. The dental laboratory then carries out the following steps to complete the dental restoration: applying gingival porcelain, pink lingual, stain and glaze, and creating an intaglio high-polished surface.

If you are an existing customer who has not yet registered for this service or if you are a new doctor, please contact us at 703-999-9586 to establish your account.

Submit Prosthetic Cases

Please enter the original invoice number and the reason for the remake, along with the corresponding date, in the special instructions section. After we have validated the remake reason, we will inform you of any charges that you will be responsible for.
Shipping a CASE:
Please ensure that you carefully pack your case, including the pink dental RX form, and securely tape the box shut. Place packing materials at the bottom of the box. Additionally, please place the contents in separate plastic bags and clearly mark the contents on each bag. Place additional packing materials on top of the contents. To save on shipping costs, you can send multiple cases in one box. For accurate processing, please separate the cases in plastic bags and staple the RX form to the outside of each bag. Once the box is securely taped shut, affix a FedEx shipping label to the top of the box or place the box inside a FedEx bag and attach the shipping label to the bag. If you need to print labels, kindly email your label information to info@pinkdentalusa.com
FedEx Express 2-Day Label Request Flat Fee: $15.00
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